Kostelecké Inspirování 2023: Thank you for your support!

Thank you again for your support in this year!

This year, the conference was attended by 83 participants from 18 institutions. You could see a total of 20 presentations ((including three plenary talks) and 31 posters. The participants voted for the three best posters & presentations. The prizes for the winners were provided by the Faculty of Environmental Sciences CULS in Prague, the journal Vesmír, and the Academia publishing house.

The awards for the best  presentations  went to Ivo Kadlec (Home range analysis and habitat preferences of wolves recolonizing central European human-dominated landscapes), Monika Faltusová (Dead reckoning as a unique tool for calculating traveled distance in movement analysis) and Ivana Henzlová (Analysis of the sex ratio and the presence of the bark beetle Taphrorychus bicolor pathogens in the pheromone traps).

Awards for the best posters went to Carol Omara-Ojungu (MicroChar, a Novel Biochar from Biowastes, Enhances Phosphorus Availability and Crop Productivity in Nutrient-Deficient Soils), Eliška Dvořáková (Economical and Ecological Benefits of Green Buildings) and Chingkheihunba Pebam (Quick response code as surveying tool for trail users). Congratulations to all the awarded participants.

We would also like to thank the Faculty of Environmental Sciences CULS in Prague, under whose auspices the event was held, and our sponsors, namely Živa journal, Vesmír journal and Academia publishing house.


We are looking forward to Kostelecké Inspirování 2024,


On the behalf of the organizing team of KI 2023 and the Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES, CULS)

Lucie Pešková, Adéla Hemelíková  & Karolina Mahlerová

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